Nigel Chorley
The Soul Show

Nigel Chorley Nigel Chorley
Friday Night at 9pm brings The Soul Strain - 2 hours to bring out the artists, tracks and styles that made and continue to make soul music. From the beginings in Jazz/blues, gospel, doo-wop & close harmony, hear first releases, live tracks and album cuts, maybe one soul artist covering another and a few UK chart successes too. The famous and not so well known labels come to the airwaves with the show that may be the only one on the planet playing these songs???

On Saturday from 7pm it's 2 hours of more chart based soul hits plus the occasional rarity from any of the sub-genres that make soul music.

There is so much music out there to be played and I'll always tell you the track details - so important in radio and something that some stations seem to forget.

Let's try to put the FUN back into radio!

I was born in central London and raised in Croydon, where I lived for many years before escaping to Sussex where I now live with my wife. The beauty, peace and easier pace of life far outweighed the long commute to work and I now work much closer to home so I've got the best in so many ways.

I love the diversity of the British music scene and have been an avid collector for years.
The UK Singles chart is my grail in life and I hope one day to own every song either on vinyl, cd or electronically. There is so much music to be played and so much that is forgotten by the bigger radio stations, so maybe I can try and fill that void through Seahaven FM?

Thanks for your interest and I'd love your feedback about the shows.




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